Factors affecting and safety precautions in CNC milling machine


Factor Affecting Machined Part Quality

CNC milling produces high quality of surface finish.  Movements of co-ordinates are controlled by computer software as programmed. All the machining parameters –speed, feed, depth of cut, RPM, coolant cutter plays a vital role on surface finish of machined surface. Proper selection of all these parameters as recommended by the manufacturers is to be followed.  Recommendation of manufacturer parameters cannot be compromised at all level as the machine designed to perform the assigned parameters. The following are the factors affecting machine part quality:-

(a) Machine should be free from vibration.

(b) Cutter should be selected as per material and amount of stock removal requirement.

(c) Proper speed, feed & depth of cut should be recommended by the manufacturers of cutting tools.

(d) Recommended RPM as per material, surface area of job should be selected.

(e) High quality of cutting coolant should be used to avoid over heating the job.

(f) High  quality  of  coated  inserts  should  be  selected  to  obtain  good surface quality.

(g) Dull inserts / cutters should be replaced with same grade/make to avoid unnecessary adjustment.

(h) Percentage of working voltage RPM should be monitored. If required necessary adjustments should be made.

Precaution While Operating CNC Milling

(a) Always be alert while machining on CNC machine.

(b) Now familiarize with a machine to attempting to set or operate.

(c) First know all the emergency switches location before proceeding operation.

(d) Do not press any switch/ Button key unless you know fully about its function.

(e) Main switch should be off during cleaning of machine.

(f) Do not use compress air for cleaning.

(g) Do not use non standard tool/ holder.

(h) Check the voltage and current.

(i) Check the clamping device.

(j) Check and clean the machine.

(k) Check the position of tail stock.

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