Optimization of Output in CNC Machine


Optimization Output

A NC machine tool produces work more economically. It is partly because; it spends a greater proportion of its operational time in cutting metal and a much smaller proportion in non-cutting activities. By eliminating the cost of jigs and fixtures and working the NC machine on a two-or three-shift system will prove more economical. In operating the machine, optimization of output can be achieved by the following

Preset Tooling. A system in which the tools are set away from the machine tool as per the predetermined layout of the tools. This allows quick tool changes and reduces machine downtime.

Automatic Tool Changers. A device for automatically changing of cutting tools under the instructions given in the part program. The required tool is automatically selected from the tool magazine and loaded on the machine spindle. The types of automatic tool changers according to their constructional shape are as follows:

  • Drum type
  • Chain type
  • Egg box type
Drum type automatic tool changer

chain type automatic tool changer

egg-box type automatic tool changer

Duplex Tables. When using duplex tables, only one program sequence is required to be added for controlling the machine because the tables simply change place and all the coordinate settings and other instructions to the machine remain unchanged. This arrangement provides the operator to load/unload the work piece at the station which is idle while the machining is on at the working station. This saves the loading and unloading time.
duplex table nc machine
Machining Centre. Machining centre provides the facility to carry out two or more machines operations at one machine, thus saving the time of changing over the work piece from one machine to another machine.


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