Safety Precautions on Milling Machine

The intelligent milling operator will study and observe the following safe working operations when operating the machines.

(a) Learn how to operate the controls before using the machine.

(b) Fasten the work securely in the vice or to the table.

(c) Don’t change the spindle speed of any machine while the machine is running.

(d) Be sure to keep your finger clear of the arbor bearing when setting the support arm position.

(e) Make sure that the cutter is clear of the work.

(f) Never remove or tighten a milling machine arbor with the power on.

(g) Support arm is always in position when the arbor is being removed or tightened.

(h) Keep hands away from revolving cutters. Never reach over a revolving arbor to make any adjustment.

(i) Don’t check work or measure while the cutter is revolving shut the machine off first.

(j) Don’t remove guard from the machine.

(k) Stop the machine and use a suitable brush to clean the chips from the cutter or vice. Rag and wastes not to be used near rotating cutters.

(l) Don’t lift the machine’s heavy attachments alone .ask some one to help you or use a crane.

(m) Don’t walk away from the machine while the cuter is revolving. Shut off the motor. Never permit another person to start or stop the machine for you.

(n) When removing end mills and face milling cutters, always hold a rag over the sharp edges of the cutting teeth. This will prevent the painful cuts.

(o) Keep the floor around your machine clean and free from object that may cause one to slip and fall.

(p) Wear snugly fitting cloth. Loose garments, flapping ties are easily caught in machines.

(q) Release all auto feed when you have finished using the machine. Keep your mind on the job.

(r) Don’t lean on the machine. Keep both feet on the floor.

(s) If you are not sure of correct and safe methods or procedure, ask your supervisor.

(t) A moment’s thought may prevent hours of pain; you have eight fingers and two thumbs; keep them safe.

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