Safety to be followed in Machine Shop while doing maintenance of Lathe


Maintenance of Lathe

For maintaining the lathe and its parts for satisfactory operation, it is very necessary that proper care be taken for the maintenance and lubrication of the machine. Hence the maintenance and servicing of lathe should never be neglected and it should be carried out properly and at proper intervals. Careless handling and operation will result in breakdowns. The following points are to be observed for good maintenance of lathe:

(a) Lathe should be cleaned of chips at the end of each shift. The ways and carriage should be cleaned of coolant and dirt.

(b) After cleaning and wiping the bed and carriageways should be coated with a thin layer of oil.

(c) The bed ways should be oiled in such a way that oil is evenly distributed over the whole surface. Running the saddle back and forth along the bed can do this. Same way the carriageways should be lubricated.

(d) The bearings should be lubricated with a special care. Make sure that oil tanks and oil holes are filled at least once in each shift.

(e) The bearings, which need greasing, should be packed with grease in grease cups. The cap of grease cups should be screwed down one half turn three or four times each shift.

(f) The taper holes of head stock spindle and tailstock should be nicely cleaned before inserting tools or centres.

(g) A constant vigil should be kept on belts. Never lubricate the belts. The oil makes the belt slip and it will not drive properly. Moreover the belt will wear out rapidly because of slipping. The belt tension should be checked and kept proper. If the belt is tight the result will be that bearings will be overheated and wear out rapidly. If the belt is loose the belt will slip and there will be loss of power.

(h) Make sure that the belt guards are properly fixed.

Safety in Machine Shop

Following precautions are to be observed while operating the lathe:

(a) Before starting the work it should be ensured that the carriage, tool post and the tailstock are well secured.

(b) Never leave the chuck key in the chuck.

(c) While removing and fixing the chuck always keep an iron rod in the spindle and the chuck. On the bed ways a block of wood should be kept to save the bed ways.

(d) Never hold the job when the machine is running.

(e) Never give a heavy cut on a longer job.

(f) Never change gears or belt while the lathe is running.

(g) During filing the job on the lathe, the handle of the file should be well secured and the file should be gripped properly.

(h) Never try to clean the chips while the machine is running.

(i) While tightening the tool post, make sure that the spanner does not slip.

(j) Use knock out bar when removing lathe centre from the spindle.

(k) Never use bull gear catch pin and back gear simultaneously.

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