Work Holding Devices of Shaping Machine

There are many ways in which work may be held while it is being machined on the shaping machine. The common methods are mentioned below:

(a) Chucks - Three jaw and four jaw chucks are mounted on shaper with suitable means to hold the work pieces.
Different Types of Chucks

(b) Special Jig - Jig accurately locates the work in position for machining and holds it securely in position by means of clamping bolts, studs and screw.
(c) Angle Plate - The work is securely fastened to an angle plate with clamps or bolts.
(d) Plain vice - Plain vice is bolted to the machine table. It holds the work piece securely while machining.
(e) Universal Vice - This type of vice can be swivelled at any desired angle through a horizontal plane. It can be tilted and held stationary at an angle from the horizontal to the vertical by means of a hinged knee. Work is supported between the centres of dividing head.
(f) Clamps - Various clamps used on shaping machine are as follows:

(i) Screw heel clamp
(ii) Goose neck clamp
(iii) Universal adjustable clamp
(iv) Plain clamp
(v) U clamp
(vi) Single finger clamp

(vii) Double finger clamp

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