Cutter Holding Devices Used in Milling Machine

Cutters are held firmly on milling machine with the help of arbors and adaptors.

The arbors used on milling machine are of two types. These are standard arbor and stub arbor. The standard arbor is relatively larger than the stub arbor. Standard arbor is provided with spacing collars which help in adjusting the position of the cutter or the distance between the cutters when two or more cutters are used simultaneously. Few collars are of relatively larger diameter are also supplied which acts as bearing sleeves when the arbor is supported by arbor supports.
Standard and Stub Arbor
Standard and Stub Arbor

Many cutters such as shell end mill, t-slot cutter, woodruff key seat cutter, etc carry tapered shank. If the size of these shanks is smaller than that of the hole in spindle nose, adaptors are used. The external taper of these adaptors corresponds to spindle taper and internal taper to the cutter to be held. Milling cutters which carry straight shank are held in collet chuck or collet adaptor carrying spring collet.

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