How to Mount and Remove Arbor on Milling Machine?

Mounting and Removing Arbor

When mounting or removing an arbor, follow the proper procedure to preserve the accuracy of the machine. An improperly mounted arbor may damage the taper surfaces of the arbor or machine spindle, cause the arbor to bend, or make the cutter run out of trueness. To Mount an Arbor:-

(a) Clean the tapered hole in the spindle and the taper on the arbor using a clean cloth.

(b) Check to make sure that there are no cuttings or burrs in the taper that would prevent the arbor from running true.

(c) Check the bearing bushing and remove any burrs using a honing stone.

Removing an Arbor or Adopter

Changing an adopter or arbor on milling machine needs lot of patience. Operator must follow the procedure carefully.

(a) Give a light blow on the bolt head with a hide face hammer.

(b) Take hold of the arbor with your left hand and unscrew the draw in bolt with your right hand. Remove the arbor.