Selection and Caring of Milling Cutter

Selection of Milling Cutter
The following factors which must be considered while selected a cutter for a job to achieve good results:

(a) The cutter selected for a particular job should be of proper size and shape.

(b) A dull cutter should never be used. Make sure that the cutter selected is sharp.

(c) It is always advisable to select a smaller size cutter than a larger one because considerable time can be saved if a smaller cutter is used. Besides that comparatively the cost of a smaller cutter is much lesser than that of a larger cutter. Also the torque or twisting movement of small cutter on arbor is less than that of larger diameter cutter.

Care of Milling Cutters

Milling cutters have very sharp cutting points. It is very difficult to regrind the teeth if they are worm out. So maximum care must be taken to handle them. Few tips are mentioned below.

(a) It is easy to spoil a milling cutter but is difficult to reshapen them. Therefore pay proper attention not to nick the cutters by any reasons. Store them in the proper place after using.

(b) A cutter should slide freely on the arbor. Don’t force it.

(c) The spacing collars which are used for spacing must be free from dirt and other foreign matters. Keep them clean and oiled.

(d) If cutting teeth are dull, these should be sharpened.

(e) Burs should be removed from the cutter.

(f) The work piece and cutter should be kept as cool as possible.

Miling Cutters


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