Hi :) I'm about to give birth to a start up qHUNT that just raised gold from an accelerator, the standard amount in that stage. I'm looking to make up a team of crazy fun idiots to join me.

qHUNT is an educational/learning web app that gives you a platform to hunt for learning data. We keep track of your knowledge, level and interests and show you posts that personally suit you.

I'm looking for people passionate about making a change in learning and education. The start up type of people: don't give shit about money but more want to do something in their lives that counts.

First person: a programmer. Your practical work would be in Ruby on Rails and whatever we need depending on the libraries, in start ups previous knowledge doesn't mean anything, ideas change rapidly and so will our tools we use. You'll do little web development and more of Machine Learning, Clustering, Data Patterns, and Natural Language.

Second person: the crazy marketing, sales, product type. You're in charge of one thing: more users more users more users.

The conditions, the work are all flexible, what I care about is the long term future of the company and I'm looking for people who share that type of thinking.

Awoooooooooooo!   Yup all these wolves are mine! each subject has it's own special wolfy.

come to papa: saed.qhunt@gmail.com